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What's going on?

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for visiting us (We don't see you as often as we'd like to). Pardon out messy website as we are in the process of constructing it.


We've got some important things that we are so excited to share with you in the coming weeks so stay tuned! In the meantime, come check out our community that we continue to grow and learn a little more about who we are and what we're doing here at Subtext Studio TC.  

-The Team. 

Season 1: Reborn

Get familiar with our upcoming artistic season!


Hello, Studio!

The bottom line is... we can't do this without you. Help us grow our community!

Work With Us!

Want to create art? We know just the right people...

Get To Know Us!

Take a peek behind the curtain!

From Our Desk to You-

          I think it's fair to say that it is impossible to articulate the ambition that Jean, The Associates, and myself have for the work that lies ahead for all of us- and yes that includes you, Kind Reader. 

          All of us reside in this opportunistic moment of history- a moment that reflects our ability to adapt as a society that has tackled a series of life changing circumstances. The potential to evolve the culture of this art form is present and it is demanding.  

          But so are We.

          Come along with us on our journey in discovering groundbreaking art, emerging artists, and the new generation of Theatre.

-Omar V. Fernandez, Artistic Director


A special thanks to the 16th Street Theater! 

A special thank you to the 16th Street Theater, the board of directors, and the loyal patrons for their generous cash donation in light of the theater's closing. You have advocated for us, and for that we are forever grateful. 


Omar Vicente Fernandez

Artistic Director; Founder SSTC

Omar Vicente Fernandez (He/Him/His) is a Mexican American artist born in Chicago and raised in Berwyn, Illinois. As a playwright, Omar centers a lot of his work around identity and the new generation of art in America. “As timeless as some stories are and will be, the next groundbreaking, generation-defining, and untold stories are out there waiting for us to find them. “ Omar is ecstatic to grow with Subtext Studio and bring new and profound art into the light.


Jean Gottlieb

Managing Director

Jean Gottlieb (she/they) was the interim Artistic Director of The 16th Street Theater NFP, and former Artistic Director of Footsteps Theatre in Chicago (1991-1999) and New World Repertory Theatre in Downers Grove (2003-2009). She graduated with honors from DePaul University’s Theatre School (formerly the Goodman School of Drama) with an MFA in Directing, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jean has directed over thirty productions in her career, ranging from Shakespeare to children’s theatre to contemporary original works. She has appeared on various Chicago stages as an actress over the years, most recently appearing as Prospero in The Tempest for Hong Kong Live Play Readings. She is also a published playwright (, with three of her plays reaching full production, one receiving an After Dark Award from Gay Chicago Magazine.


Hello, Studio!

The Bottom Line is...

We can't do this without you. What makes great art is someone being able to experience it. The more you engage with us, the more we'll engage with you. 

That being said, it is our pleasure to announce our community outreach initiative: Hello, Studio! 

Hello, Studio! was created to establish a more captivating audience experience where you get to see how we do what we do and why we do it. 

With a variety of content, this initiative will give you the opportunity to see how we operate through podcasts, behind the scenes exclusives, and town halls that allow you- the community- to offer insight in the art you want to see.

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Really.  Ask us anything.

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