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          I think it's fair to say that it is impossible to articulate the ambition that Jean, The Associates, and myself have for the work that lies ahead for all of us- and yes that includes you, Kind Reader. 

          All of us reside in this opportunistic moment of history- a moment that reflects our ability to adapt as a society that has tackled a series of life changing circumstances. The potential to evolve the culture of this art form is present and it is demanding.  

          But so are We.

          Come along with us on our journey in discovering groundbreaking art, emerging artists, and the new generation of Theatre.

-Omar V. Fernandez, Artistic Director

Subtext Studio Theatre Company (SSTC) produces new plays by emerging playwrights, plays that center the voices of the BIPOC and LGBTQI+ communities, as well as other potentially marginalized communities and peoples. We strive to express the voices and experiences of all people to better understand ourselves, our culture and our community.

Subtext Studio Theatre Company has two goals: to produce new works that center the voices of traditionally and potentially marginalized communities and peoples; and to bring together a diverse array of both emerging and seasoned artists and organizations to support the continued growth of live theater and theater artists.

If you are a seasoned/experienced artist or organization interested in mentoring, and this mission resonates with you, we'd love to here from/work with/exchange ideas with you! Contact us at:

Subtext Studio Theater Company endeavors to provide a safe space for the creation of new theatrical works, following a production model that honors and promotes equity, diversity and inclusion on all levels.

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