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Subtext Studio TC is proud to host a Latiné Community Night for THE AMERICAN DREAM on

Sunday October 15th at 7:30pm. This performance is specifically dedicated to serving

Latiné-identifying theatergoers and the Latiné community at large.



Similar to Black Out Night, (see BLACKOUTNITE.COM) This is the purposeful creation of an environment in which an all-Latiné-identifying audience can experience and discuss an event in the performing arts, where they are the majority and free from the white gaze.

[From BLACKOUTNITE.COM: A concept birthed by Slave Play playwright Jeremy O. Harris, the inaugural BLACK OUT night took place on September 18, 2019. For the first time in history, all 804 seats of Broadway’s Golden Theatre were occupied by Black-identifying audience members in communion, celebration, and recognition of Broadway’s rich, diverse, and fraught history of Black work. Based on the success of the first BLACK OUT, Slave Play hosted a second BLACK OUT on January 8, 2020, to bookend its Broadway run. Since then, other BLACK OUT events have organically taken hold.” You can learn more about the foundations of a BLACK OUT Night at]

Are you excluding non-Latiné audiences from this performance?

While we are not restricting anyone from attending this performance, our goal is to create a supportive space for as many Latiné theatergoers as possible to experience, discuss and enjoy this show. We encourage non-Latiné audiences to attend another performance.

How do I get tickets?

This performance on October 15th 7:30pm will be PAY WHAT YOU CAN for all attendees.

Click HERE:                                                                             and navigate to October 15, 7:30pm performance

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Administrative Office via

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