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What we've done here.

2021-2022 Season

(As Dragonfly Theater Company)


HARD CANDY by Jean Gottlieb 

Director: Stephanie Murphy

Actors: Faiz Siddique, Jazmin Johnson, Chase Nuerge, Valerie DeGroot, Justine Serino

July 22-July 31, 2021

(Virtual Performance)


Director: Alison Henderson

Actors: Wanda B Jin, Michelle Ho, Jess Maynard, Michaela Voit, Carolyn Minor

Sound Design: Chris Majka

October 27-30, 2021

(Virtual Performance)

Take Flight New Play Festival

Featured Plays: WINTER'S END by J.S. Puller; KALOS K'AGATHOS, by Chandler Hubbard;

SUFF*RAGE by Lauren Bone Noble

Directors: Kristen Shoenback, Stephanie Murphy and Jean Gottlieb

Prod Manager Mike Speller

Actors: Lauren Littlejohn, Emily Demaio, Ben Stacy, Mary Mikva, Brock Hayden, Erin Alys, Shelley DeHosse, Marianna Gallegos.  

April 29 & 30 2022

Madison Street Theater in Oak Park IL

QUEEN OF ITHACA by Aline Lathrop

Actors: Melissa Van Kerson, Reno McClinton

October 7th, 2022

(Virtual Staged Reading)

MAN AND MOON by Siena Marilyn Ledger 

National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere

co-Produced with 16th Street Theater NFP

Director: Hayley Procacci

Production Team: Omar Fernandez, Stefan Brun, Angelina Davila, Jean Gottlieb

Light DesignLauren Alyssa Skulley IV

Scenic Design: Adrian Luca Oxoa

Stage Manager: Vibyana Sacluti

Sound Design: Payton Kaye

Costume/Hair/Makeup Design: Scout Gregory

Intimacy CoordinatorMichele DiMaso 

Actors: Peter Wilde, Claire Wols, Jonah Muscarella, Emma Anderson

October 20 - Nov 13, 2022

at Madison Street Theater in Oak Park IL

LOST GIRL by Kathryn Feeney

Director: Omar Fernandez

Actors: Wanda B Jin, Claire Wols, Karin McKie

December 2nd, 2022

(Virtual Staged Reading)

2022-2023 Season 

(as Subtext Studio Theatre Company)

SEXOPOLY by Omar Vicente Fernandez (click title for more info)

Co-Directors: Omar Vicente Fernandez and Olivia Rog

Light Design: Zuzel Garcia

Sound Design: Adam Wong

Actors: Allison Carmody, Ethan Check

December 2nd, 2022

at University of Illinois Chicago

DESCENT by Jean Gottlieb

Co-Directors Olivia Rog and Eric Norma

Light Design: Zuzel Garcia

Stage Manager: Margerita ...

Actors: Noelle Oh, Omar Fernandez, Jack Welshons, Mila Sweeny, Natalia Rivera,

Simone Griggs, Emma Ariagno

May 4, 2023

at University of Illinois Chicago

BEAUTIFUL, BEAU by Omar VicenteFernandez

Friday June 16, 2023

what earth does while you're sleeping by Alaric Hinchcliffe, featuring Yon Yonni

Friday August 18th, 2023

THE AMERICAN DREAM by Juan Ramirez Jr.

October 6 - 29, 2023

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