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What we've done here.

2021-2022 Season

(As Dragonfly Theater Company)


*Hard Candy by Jean Gottlieb 

7 IL Artists Featured: 

Playwright: Jean Gottlieb

Director: Stephanie Murphy

Actors: Faiz Siddique, Jazmin Johnson, Chase Nuerge, Valerie DeGroot, Justine Serino

July 22 – July 31, 2021

One 95 minute Performance recorded for Virtual Distribution on dates listed above

*Online/Virtual Performances

Theater Performance/Comedy 

*Ghosts of Whitechapel by Kate Black-Spence 

11 IL Artists Featured: 

Playwright: Kate Black-Spence

Director: Alison Henderson

Actors: Wanda B Jin, Michelle Ho, Jess Maynard, Michaela Voit, Carolyn Minor

Sound Design: Chris Majka

Editors: Joseph DiMaso and Jake DiMaso

Costume Design: Jean Gottlieb

October 27-30, 2021 

One 90 minute Performance recorded for Virtual Presentation on dates listed above


Theater Performance/Drama

*+Take Flight New Play Festival - Featured Plays: Winter's End by J.S. Puller; Kalos K'agathos, by Chandler Hubbard; Suff*rage by Lauren Bone Noble

13 IL Artists Featured: 

Playwright: Lauren Bone Noble

Directors: Kristen Shoenback, Stephanie Murphy and Jean Gottlieb

Prod Manager Mike Speller

Actors: Lauren Littlejohn, Emily Demaio, Ben Stacy, Mary Mikva, Brock Hayden, Erin Alys, Shelley DeHosse, Marianna Gallegos.  

April 29 & 30 2022

Three live performances/6 total performance hours

Venue: Madison Street Theater in Oak Park IL

Theater/Drama/Play Festival

*Queen of Ithaca by Aline Lathrop

2 IL Artists Featured:

Playwright: Aline Lathrop

Actors: Melissa Van Kerson, Reno McClinton

October 7th, 2022

2 total performance hours

*1 Virtual Performance


General audience

2022-2023 Season 

*Man And Moon by Siena Marilyn Ledger 

National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere, co-Produced with 16th Street Theater NFP

15 IL Artists Featured:

Director: Hayley Procacci

Production Team: Omar Fernandez, Stefan Brun, Angelina Davila, Jean Gottlieb

Light DesignLauren Alyssa Skulley IV

Scenic Design: Adrian Luca Oxoa

Stage Manager: Vibyana Sacluti

Sound Design: Payton Kaye

Costume/Hair/Makeup Design: Scout Gregory

Intimacy CoordinatorMichele DiMaso 

Actors: Peter Wilde, Claire Wols, Jonah Muscarella, Emma Anderson

October 20 - Nov 13, 2022

18 Performances; 90 minute show, 27 total performance hours

Venue: Madison Street Theater in Oak Park IL


*Lost Girl by Kathryn Feeney 

4 IL Artists Featured:

Director: Omar Fernandez

Actors: Wanda B Jin, Claire Wols, Karin McKie

December 2nd, 2022

1 performance, 2 total performance hours

*Virtual Performance


*+Sexopoly by Omar Vicente Fernandez 

4 IL Artists Featured:

Co-Director and Playwright: Omar Vicente Fernandez

Co-Director: Olivia Rog

Light Design: Zuzel Garcia

Sound Design: Adam Wong

Actors: Allison Carmody, Ethan Check

December 2nd, 2022

1 live performance, 2 total performance hours

Venue: University of Illinois Chicago


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