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by Juan Ramirez Jr.

a World Premiere presentation

Corina is an immigrant from Guatemala who has smuggled her way across the border guided by Efren, her coyote aka human smuggler. Instead of finding freedom, she finds herself imprisoned by Efren, who now holds her inside a safe house, awaiting the final Western Union payment from her husband. Set in the last hour and twenty minutes, Corina begs for her freedom but letting her go is against everything Efren stands for.

Featuring: Kiara Rivera (Corina) and Jorge Aguilar (Efren)

Corina Understudy: Aileen Moreno

Design Team: Harrison Ornelas, Irma Gualpa, Zuzel Garcia, Maddie Curtin and Omar Fernandez


Madison Street Theatre

1010 Madison Street, Oak Park IL

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